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I was starting to wonder about a few of my friends, you see they all had girlfriends but I’ve been noticing a few of them were meeting up with an escort Cologne. I really didn’t see what the fuss is about as I’ve never been with an escort before. I did feel like maybe I was missing out on something, so I asked my friends where the best place in Colonge was to hire an escort and well she is on her way to my place tonight.

I don’t have a girlfriend like they do, so I am not cheating on anyone and that makes me feel good. As for my friends they tell me being with an escort is like getting that little something you don’t get from a live in girlfriend. I guess it kinda makes sense in a way, either that or they’re just trying to justify it to themselves. They told me not to really expect too much from my first time with an escort but to just sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ll soon see if my A-level escort turns out to be a wild one soon enough!.

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